Doggie Photoshoot Day

Updated: Jun 9, 2018

When we decided we wanted to do a doggie photoshoot with our products we were so excited. Any excuse to get a bunch of dogs in a room together to just play and wear our goods, am I right? Anyways, We had some amazing local pups join us. We had Cash, MO, Roxy, Steve, & Loki. They had so much fun, and for 2 hours we just let them play around while we kept changing them in and out of looks.

We were able to use the upstairs at Grassroots Kava House in St Pete. If you haven't been here, then go. Awesome Kava and Teas, as well as a full coffee menu and some locally baked snacks too. And as you can see, a beautiful space. We did a short Live video via Facebook during. It may be a little rough and unedited but come one, it's a bunch of doggos playing around!

Cash Showing PRIDE

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