The Story of MAX

People ask me all the time, "Who is Max"? Well Max isn't a real person, but rather a name I have given to a feeling I have had since childhood. But if that's too vague, it's Max from Where the Wild Things Are. Max was the first time a character from a book ever made me feel connected in a way I never had. But how can you feel connected to a character in a book with so few words? It's because of the way you can interpret things in the book without words telling you what to think. To me, Max was a kid who was struggling with something, maybe having a single parent (assumption), frustrations knowing something is different, imagining a life more than what you have, I could go ON AND ON AND ON.

For me I always wanted an adventure. I wanted to travel, and see things I read about in books or saw on TV. I started making movies with friends, and doing theatre in school. This led to me learning to create things. And creating things led me to work in theatres, and eventually run away with the circus. I traveled with a very large and well known show for almost 6 years. I was finally able to travel all over and see something new every week, year round. It was amazing. I became cultured in many different lifestyles and learned to love people I never knew existed.

I still work in costuming and creating things is my passion. I decided to start Max's to begin making and selling smiles. I can't wait to continue to add to our catalog as time goes on and grow as a small business in St Pete.

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