• Handmade Slide on Bandana. Just slide your dog’s collar through the channel built into the back of the bandana. Your bandana will look great without all the extra fabric, and having to tie a knot around your pet’s neck. Our Bandanas also leave space for your pets tags, leash ring, and clips to stay exposed and easily used.


Fits Collar up to ¾” Wide &

For Dog’s Such as Yorkies, Dachsunds, and Larger Cats


Fit’s Collars up to 1” Wide &

For Pets such as Boxers, Husky, Bulldog, Smaller Dogs such as Terrier Breeds.

This is the most common and used size in our collection.


Fit’s Collars Up To 2” Wide & Minimum

For Pets Such As Great Pyrenees, Large Bull Mastiff, St Bernard

Dogs Over 100 Lbs

If You Aren’t Sure Please Feel Free To Reach Out To Us And We Will Help You Get The Right Product For Your Pet. info@maxsmercantile.com

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