Our Collar Bandana slides onto your dog’s collar through the channel built into the back of the bandana. Your bandana will look great without all the extra fabric, and having to tie a knot around your pet’s neck. Our Bandanas also leave space for your pets tags, leash ring, and clips to stay exposed and easily used.

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 Fits Collar up to 1-1/4” Wide 
 For Dog’s Such as Yorkies, Dachsunds, and Larger Cats
  • Fits Dogs Necks 10 Inches and UP

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 Fit’s Collars up to 1 3/4” Wide (Standard Size) 
  • Fits Dogs Neck 13 Inches and UP
 For Pets such as Boxers, Husky, Bulldog, Retrievers, and also Smaller Dogs 
This is the most common and used size in our collection. Most dogs are a medium unless they are very small such as mentioned above. But if your dog is VERY Furry or larger than average then check out our Large.

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 Fit’s Collars Up To 2” Wide & Minimum 
  • Fits Dog Necks 19 1/2 Inches and UP
 For Pets Such As Great Pyrenees, Large Bull Mastiff, St Bernard
Wash Cool Temp 
Dry Medium Heat
Iron Wrinkles
Pre-Shrunk Cotton


Leashes are made using durable strap webbing. Top Stitched fabric designs on top using Pre-Shrunk Novelty Fabrics, with strong box stitches at handle and clip points.

• 1” Wide Med Weight Polypro Web Strapping

• 57” Long

• 1" Nickel, Lever Snap Hook, Zinc Alloy

• Hand Wash/Air Dry


Handmade collar with donut print. Fully adjustable For Medium to Large dogs. Strong box stitch and top stitching for durability and long lasting collar

-1" Wide 

-Adjustable From 16 Inches to 26 Inches

-Durable 1" Plastic Buckle

-Metal Slider For Adjusting

-Metal D-Ring For Leash Connection
-Hand Wash/Air Dry